James Mathus Fan Club

Hey guys!

blue healer james mathusJames Mathus may be one of the most under-appreciated artists in America.

This guys was born with a passion for music. Master of the piano and guitar by the tender of age of 15, Jimbo has left his imprint on American music.

Often featured on NPR shows such as “The Prarie Home Companion”, Mathus’ band, the “Squirrel Nut Zippers” had a brutal breakup in 2000. As you are aware, they have done some touring since then, but the lawsuits following the breakups were so frustrating.


But Jimbo’s not one to be kept down for long. He just released a new album Blue Healer  for 2015, and his sound (and musical ingenuity) is going strong. You can catch a snippet of his music below.


With Mathus moving on, we want to use this site to discuss some of the awesome southern and rockabilly music that is out there, and maybe introduce you to other awesome bands…. as well as keep you updated as to what Jimbo is up to.


Here is Jimbo’s main website, if you want to check it out.


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