Expats Guide To Nightlife In Singapore – Top Recommendations

Here are some of the best recommendations for nightlife and entertainment activities in Singapore for both Singapore expats as well as tourists.

First of all, when it comes to partying, festivals or events in Singapore, there is no place better than Zouk when it comes to clubbing in Singapore. One of the top clubs in Singapore, and perhaps the world, Zouk is a hot spot for many clubbers. Expats and locals alike both love Zouk. With lots of beautiful women, booze and fun music, Zouk is a great place to hang out in Singapore at night.

For those who prefer the accompaniment of beautiful women while you are in Singapore, then you may opt for social escorts from places like SG VIP Escorts. You can easily order social escorts from websites online. I recommend sticking to agencies if you want an escort who actually looks like her photos. This is because while there are a few good independent escorts, most of them post photos which are clearly not them. You will usually end up getting a woman who is 20 kilograms heavier and out of shape if you engage an independent escort online in Singapore. Sticking to social escort agencies in Singapore is the way to go if you want to find a SG girl. If you want a non Singaporean/Asian girl, you can, but there are legal risks in Singapore – read more in this post here. Make sure to read that post too if you want that.

If you prefer something less wild, but still want booze, then going to Clarke Quay will be a great choice for you. With lots of bars all concentrated in that area, Clarke Quay is a hot spot for expats to hang out in Singapore. If you want to know where most of the expats in Singapore hang out, simply head to Clarke Quay!

For those expats who love to sing, Teo Heng has great options for you. Open till late around 1 to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, Teo Heng is a great karaoke hang out place for expats in Singapore. With both English and Chinese songs available, you are sure to find songs which suit you!

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