Is It Legal For You To Look For An Escort In Singapore?

Do you want to look for an escort agency like SG VIP or freelance girl in Singapore but are worried if it is legal to do so in Singapore? The short answer is yes, it is legal. The long answer is it depends on several factors. So before you rush off and get into trouble, check out the following.

First up, there is a difference between an escort and a prostitute. An escort sells her time and companionship to you, and acts like your pretend girlfriend. Think of a social escort like a geisha. A prostitute sells her sexual services to you. It is quite straightforward.

Second of all, both are actually legal in Singapore. However, many things with respect to prostitution is illegal in Singapore. Also, a lot of fake escort providers are actually violating the local laws, so the following are some tips for the first time expat in Singapore looking for escorts.

  • If you are looking for a freelance girl, make sure that she is at least age 18. The legal age for social escorts to work in Singapore is 18.
  • If you are looking for an escort agency, make sure that the agency is legally registered with the Singapore government. The legal ones will almost always list their actual company name and their business registration numbers on their website. Only engage agencies with this on their website.
  • If you can find instances of the agency or the girl being mentioned in the media, that is usually a plus point and is a safe choice.
  • If you are looking for a foreign escort locally in SG, chances are, it was never legal for those people to work in Singapore. While there are some who hold a permanent residency, most do not, and are in the country only with a tourist VISA. Therefore, to steer clear of police operations, if you must look for an escort in Singapore, look only for local ones.
  • If a website offers or writes extra services or sexual related services, avoid it. The main reason for this is because while you as a customer may not be affected, it is not legal for public solicitation by the website or the girl over the Internet or any kind of public medium. This also means that the local police either shuts down and seizes the website or in extreme cases, conduct a full blown operation. To avoid unnecessary troubles for you as a client, avoid these websites.

Here are some further tips for you on how to find the most beautiful Singaporean escorts.

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