Is It Legal For You To Look For An Escort In Singapore?

Do you want to look for an escort agency like SG VIP or freelance girl in Singapore but are worried if it is legal to do so in Singapore? The short answer is yes, it is legal. The long answer is it depends on several factors. So before you rush off and get into trouble, check out the following.

First up, there is a difference between an escort and a prostitute. An escort sells her time and companionship to you, and acts like your pretend girlfriend. Think of a social escort like a geisha. A prostitute sells her sexual services to you. It is quite straightforward.

Second of all, both are actually legal in Singapore. However, many things with respect to prostitution is illegal in Singapore. Also, a lot of fake escort providers are actually violating the local laws, so the following are some tips for the first time expat in Singapore looking for escorts.

  • If you are looking for a freelance girl, make sure that she is at least age 18. The legal age for social escorts to work in Singapore is 18.
  • If you are looking for an escort agency, make sure that the agency is legally registered with the Singapore government. The legal ones will almost always list their actual company name and their business registration numbers on their website. Only engage agencies with this on their website.
  • If you can find instances of the agency or the girl being mentioned in the media, that is usually a plus point and is a safe choice.
  • If you are looking for a foreign escort locally in SG, chances are, it was never legal for those people to work in Singapore. While there are some who hold a permanent residency, most do not, and are in the country only with a tourist VISA. Therefore, to steer clear of police operations, if you must look for an escort in Singapore, look only for local ones.
  • If a website offers or writes extra services or sexual related services, avoid it. The main reason for this is because while you as a customer may not be affected, it is not legal for public solicitation by the website or the girl over the Internet or any kind of public medium. This also means that the local police either shuts down and seizes the website or in extreme cases, conduct a full blown operation. To avoid unnecessary troubles for you as a client, avoid these websites.

Here are some further tips for you on how to find the most beautiful Singaporean escorts.

Short Term Dating Options For Expats In Singapore

Dating options are different for expats in Singapore

As an expat in Singapore, the longest you are probably going to stay in Singapore is around the 5 to 8 year mark. Even then, that is considered long. Most expats only work for a maximum of 3 to 6 years in Singapore before being relocated once again.

Because most expats only are in Singapore for the short term, and yet most Singaporean girls only like long term relationships and more marriage minded than Western girls, there is a mismatch in culture. While there is a small percentage of girls who are willing to do this, or perhaps potentially migrate with you, chances are, most will not even consider it. That is the reason why most normal dating options are simply not recommended for most expats living and working in Singapore.

Without ‘normal’ ways of dating, expats in Singapore usually turn to ‘short term dating options’

Most expats are in their late 30s or 40s, and are in executive managerial positions. Most make between $10,000 to $20,000 a month in Singapore. This amount of cash and years of work allows you to be more liberal with your spending when it comes to dating. This is a dating advantage which many younger Singaporeans are unable to beat you at. Additionally, city living girls are also usually more materialistic – and Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. This means a high amount of materialistic girls in Singapore.

Short term dating option #1: Social Escorts


One of the more popular choices among expats who want no frills, social escorts are in hot demand by expats in Singapore. With the no strings attached expectations when it comes to social escorts, the expats need not worry about overcoming that objection with the girl.

Social escorts are basically rental girlfriends. These are female companions who will pretend to be your girl for a usually sky high rate of around $800 to $1500 per hour. However, for that, you will get a completely no strings attached girlfriend experience. Additionally, you can get to meet a different girl each time.

Here are some tips to find the most beautiful local SG social escorts in Singapore. You will usually find it easier to look for these girls through a local social escort agency than one by one yourself.

Short term dating option #2: Sugar babies

If you are willing to put in more work to find a stable relationship, at least for the period of time you are in Singapore, then you may want to also consider sugar babies. Sugar babies are basically long term social escorts. If you are the type that prefers seeing one girl only, then sugar babies are definitely the better option for you.

The reason why I mentioned you will need more work to find real sugar babies in Singapore is because it is still more similar to dating applications such as OkCupid and Tinder than it is to female social escort services. You will still need to message them individually, capture their attention and then persuade them to meet you. This is done manually, and you will need to message each girl.

Why Expats Go For Escorts Instead Of Tinder In Singapore

Dating in Singapore is not easy, and this is especially true for expats in Singapore too. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Many Singapore girls know that as an expatriate in Singapore, you will be going out of Singapore within a few short months or years. Unless they are also willing to migrate with you, or believe in the relationship so much to shuttle between two countries, chances are they will not want to be with you. This usually means that if you want to date in Singapore, you probably want to turn to other solutions. That is one of the main reasons why expats in Singapore just date escorts in the meantime they are in Singapore.

2. Most expats in Singapore are aged between 35 to 50. Sure, you could go to a local club in Singapore and try to get a girl, but at that age, most girls would not be willing to go with you. This is because most of them are below the age of 25, and you would be seen as relatively old to them. And if you tried going to a local bar in Singapore, most of them are probably in their young 30s. Due to this, social escorts really seem like an attractive choice in Singapore.

3. If you tried using Tinder in Singapore and put up your profile, you will notice very few matches. The reason for that is because most girls in Singapore prefer a man just slightly older than them. Locally, most girls prefer a guy who is 3 to 8 years older than them. If you are looking for a girl aged around 25, this means that they stop looking for men aged above 33 to 35. Therefore, your profile will not even be viewed by the local SG girls. Thus older but wealthier expats in Singapore usually turn to SG escorts instead as illustrated further by this article too.

The above are some of the most common reasons why expatriates living in Singapore usually turn to social escorts for short term dating instead!

Expats Guide To Nightlife In Singapore – Top Recommendations

Singapore night life

Here are some of the best recommendations for nightlife and entertainment activities in Singapore for both Singapore expats as well as tourists.

First of all, when it comes to partying, festivals or events in Singapore, there is no place better than Zouk when it comes to clubbing in Singapore. One of the top clubs in Singapore, and perhaps the world, Zouk is a hot spot for many clubbers. Expats and locals alike both love Zouk. With lots of beautiful women, booze and fun music, Zouk is a great place to hang out in Singapore at night.

For those who prefer the accompaniment of beautiful women while you are in Singapore, then you may opt for social escorts from places like SG VIP Escorts. You can easily order social escorts from websites online. I recommend sticking to agencies if you want an escort who actually looks like her photos. This is because while there are a few good independent escorts, most of them post photos which are clearly not them. You will usually end up getting a woman who is 20 kilograms heavier and out of shape if you engage an independent escort online in Singapore. Sticking to social escort agencies in Singapore is the way to go if you want to find a SG girl. If you want a non Singaporean/Asian girl, you can, but there are legal risks in Singapore – read more in this post here. Make sure to read that post too if you want that.

If you prefer something less wild, but still want booze, then going to Clarke Quay will be a great choice for you. With lots of bars all concentrated in that area, Clarke Quay is a hot spot for expats to hang out in Singapore. If you want to know where most of the expats in Singapore hang out, simply head to Clarke Quay!

For those expats who love to sing, Teo Heng has great options for you. Open till late around 1 to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, Teo Heng is a great karaoke hang out place for expats in Singapore. With both English and Chinese songs available, you are sure to find songs which suit you!

What Living As An Expat In Singapore Is Like – Honest Views


There are lots of different things I want to cover when it comes to living as an expat in Singapore. To properly show you what living as an expat in Singapore is like, I will break down the things I feel are important into different points.

On Singapore’s food

First of all, let us talk about the insane amounts of food variety in Singapore! If you think you have got it good wherever you are now, you are wrong. Singapore’s variety of good food is akin to the economy of United States and China combined together compared to the other countries around the world – unparalleled. Even after I have lived in Singapore for 2 years now, I still feel amazed how there are so many types of new food here I have not yet tried. (Yes, the country is small and sight seeing is minimal, but for the food lovers, it is a haven.)

Some of the local favorites such as chicken rice and char kway teow can be easily found in any neighborhood hawker centres. If you want a fusion of local and foreign food, then head to any shopping centre in Singapore. They would have many restaurants and cafe which combine both local and foreign flavours and dishes.

Cost of living

Compared to every other South East Asian country, Singapore is much more expensive to live in. In fact, rental is comparable to New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the like. The additional prohibitively expensive thing is their cars. Cars cost easily upwards of $100,000, and that is for an average car. Supercars cost millions (yes that is right, you do not get a supercar at $200,000. You only get a Mercedes or BMW.)

However, chances are, if you are an expat, you probably are not going to live in Singapore forever. Therefore, getting a car is not a must. However, a place to live in and food are necessary expenditures, so let us look at that.

Most expats come here with just their partners and perhaps one or two children. This means you can opt between a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment. There are two kinds of apartments you can rent at – private condominiums as well as HDB (which is what Singapore call their public housing). Private condominiums cost around $1800 per month for outskirt places, and cost around $2300 per month in central locations. Deduct around $300 to $600 for HDB. If you want to live in absolute luxury, then opt for the landed properties in Singapore – but be warned, they cost upwards of $5000/month minimally.

Thankfully, food in Singapore can be really cheap compared to nearly every single Western country in the world. Go to any normal food court or hawker centre, and you will be able to get a meal and a drink for just $4 to $6. That is dirt cheap compared to any Western countries.

Pace of life

Singapore is definitely considered fast paced compared to many other countries around the world. However, if you compare Singapore (which really is a city-state) to big cities around the world, then it feels normal. So it depends if you are used to a rural or urban lifestyle in your current home country. If you are used to the urban life in a big city such as New York or London, then you will feel right at home in Singapore.


Singapore actually has a very vibrant nightlife – it is just more expensive than many other countries and not as well known as it being known for being an investment hub for wealthy companies and individuals to park their cash! Check my post on my top recommendations for Singapore’s nightlife activities for expats.

Singapore has several famous clubs such as Zouk. But if you are not a big fan of clubbing, and prefer drinking, then skip the loud music and head on over to the bars at Clarke Quay. With lots of expats hanging out around that area as well as bars being set up there, it is the perfect place for adults to hang out. Just note that you bring your credit card along or sufficient cash, as taxes on alcohol in Singapore cause them to be not as cheap as many other countries around the world!

Now, you may be surprised, but Singapore also has escorts. You can also easily find them by Googling for social escorts. They are more conservative than Western countries, and so full face photos are never shown before meet up. As long as you are fine with that, you will love them! Singapore girls are absolutely beautiful and drop dead gorgeous!


May I warn you here – the weather is really hot and humid. Forget what you have experienced in Dubai or California during the summer. It is a different kind of warm. In Dubai and California during the summer months, you feel like you are being burnt alive in the outside. However, once you are in the shelter, you do not perspire. This is not the case in Singapore. Just like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and similar large cities along the Earth’s equator, it is constantly humid. Therefore, you can perspire whether or not you are in a sheltered area. It is 50-50 rainy and sunny weather in Singapore, so make sure you are prepared for that as well.

Expat community

Last but not least, let us talk about the expat community in Singapore. Thankfully, the expat community is excellent in Singapore. Lots of welcoming Facebook and Whatsapp group exists in Singapore for such reasons. There are always meet ups and events in Singapore for expats. Therefore, there is no need for concern here. Also, I want to share with you a forum targeted at Singapore and specially designed for expats and potential expats – You may like it! Make sure to check it out before making any final decisions to come to Singapore and live as an expat!