Why Expats Go For Escorts Instead Of Tinder In Singapore

Dating in Singapore is not easy, and this is especially true for expats in Singapore too. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Many Singapore girls know that as an expatriate in Singapore, you will be going out of Singapore within a few short months or years. Unless they are also willing to migrate with you, or believe in the relationship so much to shuttle between two countries, chances are they will not want to be with you. This usually means that if you want to date in Singapore, you probably want to turn to other solutions. That is one of the main reasons why expats in Singapore just date escorts in the meantime they are in Singapore.

2. Most expats in Singapore are aged between 35 to 50. Sure, you could go to a local club in Singapore and try to get a girl, but at that age, most girls would not be willing to go with you. This is because most of them are below the age of 25, and you would be seen as relatively old to them. And if you tried going to a local bar in Singapore, most of them are probably in their young 30s. Due to this, social escorts really seem like an attractive choice in Singapore.

3. If you tried using Tinder in Singapore and put up your profile, you will notice very few matches. The reason for that is because most girls in Singapore prefer a man just slightly older than them. Locally, most girls prefer a guy who is 3 to 8 years older than them. If you are looking for a girl aged around 25, this means that they stop looking for men aged above 33 to 35. Therefore, your profile will not even be viewed by the local SG girls. Thus older but wealthier expats in Singapore usually turn to SG escorts instead as illustrated further by this article too.

The above are some of the most common reasons why expatriates living in Singapore usually turn to social escorts for short term dating instead!

How To Find The Most Beautiful Escorts In Singapore – 3 Tips

What kind of expat leads a life in Singapore or another big city like New York or London without enjoying the companionship of female escorts? If you are a male expat coming to, or already in Singapore, and are wondering how to find the most beautiful female escorts in Singapore, read for more.

Here is your first tip for finding the best female escort in Singapore. Think about what you want! That is right. Some expats prefer a Caucasian escort. Some prefer a good local, Singaporean social escort. Others may prefer a Thai girl. Before embarking on your journey to find the perfect escort(s), you want to first make up your mind! This is because different escorts require different methods for you to best find them effectively. Additionally, there are some things you want to note about some of them. Read on to find out what I am talking about.

The second tip I have for you is a detailed one:

  • If you are searching for Singaporean escorts, I recommend you go to a local escort agency. Singaporeans are generally more privacy conscious than people from any other country – and this applies to both men and women. Singapore is also quite a conservative place, and so, the people view lots of things as taboo. In fact, even talking about politics is also taboo! Much less escorts. As a result, the girls work under an agency due to the additional and thick layer of privacy protection that an agency will be able to provide the local girls here with. I strongly recommend that you stick with an escort agency if you want to look for a Singaporean social escort. ‘Singaporean’ escorts on independent sites tend to be fakes, and are usually from Thailand, Myanmar or Philippines – basically from anywhere else except for Singapore! Steer clear of independent sites and stick to agencies and you cannot go wrong if you want a local, SG girl.


  • If you prefer a Caucasian escort, you can easily go to sites such as EuroGirlEscorts or EscortsOfSingapore. Both of these places seem to have lots of Caucasian escorts. I would say that about 20 to 30% of the profiles are active, and about 50% of the active profiles are photo accurate. It takes a little sieving through to find the escorts using real photos on such independent sites, but when you do so, you can find your perfect Caucasian escort.


  • If what you want is an escort from a South East Asian country but not Singaporean, then you can check out Locanto. For some reason, the women from South East Asian countries hang out at Locanto. Do note that one thing I have noticed about these ladies is that ladies off Locanto usually look different from their photos, which is disappointing… But I cannot find any other better way of looking for them.

Before you rush out and look for your escort, you must read this third tip. If you miss it, you will get into trouble without even knowing it. Do note that if you prefer a foreign model, they are almost always working in Singapore illegally under a social pass. Strictly, this is illegal in Singapore. While it may not necessarily affect you, during a sting, you could get end up getting questioned. As a result of this, I strongly recommended against this.

So there are your three tips to find you find your perfect escorts in Singapore.